How to learn economics online and the best economics books.

The most asked question across the web and for people like you who are interested in learning the concept of economics online. To solve this question I have sorted down all the reliable resources from where you can learn economics for free. This is for all kind of people from beginner to advance in the economics field. I have also suggested some books that can be useful to learn economics for UPSC.

To know why to learn economics is important visit:-

Video resource for learning economics online.

There are many free as well as a paid resource to learn economics. I will try to mention both free as well as a paid resource in this section.

Best YouTube Channels.

We all know YouTube is the best platform for learning economics online. So let’s explore YouTube first.

MIT You Tube Channel

We all know the standard and reputation of college like MIT. MIT offers an introductory course on economics that is useful for any beginner to learn from. The full set of lectures, unfortunately, is only available on the official page of the MIT Open Course Ware. For those looking for an introductory look at economics, this is definitely worth checking out.

MIT Course on You Tube

Jacob Clifford

To learn economic in a more interesting way and in a fun way. You can visit Jacob Clifford channel from where you can get loads of information about economics in a more simpler manner and in interesting ways.

Jacob Clifford- You Tube Channel.

Crash Course – Economics

If you only want to know the surface knowledge and a basic understanding of economics that will also boost your knowledge, you can visit Crash Course Economics. Here the creator explains all the content of economics in only 35 videos of 10 min each with animated content. It is the best way for learning economics online.

Crash Course – Economics

Other Online Resource

Khan Academy.

To learn economics in a systematic report driven and recorded data basis. Visit khan academy, here you track your progress for free by just signing in to the portal. It covers almost all topics of economics in a systematic manner.

Khan Academy Economic course.

The best books to learn economics.

Some people find it difficult to watch videos and learn from it because they are in the habit of taking notes and doing exercise. So for them, I have listed down some books that will help them to learn economics.

For those people here is the list of books which helps them to learn economics.

Below listed books can also be used to learn economics for UPSC.

Best books for Indian Economics.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh( an introduction to Indian economy)(Economics UPSC Book)

This book written by Ramesh Singh is like a boon for any beginner to study economics. It explains almost all topic of introduction to Indian economy in detail. I myself from science background found no difficulty in understanding all chapters. They explain each topics of introduction to indian economy very easily.

It provides all the essential data for introduction to Indian economy in a short and sharp way. It does not dig deep into any problem of Indian Economy rather it provides all the essential information that is required for the students to learn about introduction to Indian economy. A good book for a quick synopsis of which way Indian economy is headed.

This book does not dig deep into any concept and only explains the essentials of any topics.
To dig deep into any topic refer to the book below.

This books is also used by students to learn economics for UPSC.

Click here to read more about it:- Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

To study in Hindi:- Bhartiya Arthvyavastha

Indian Economy 67th Edition

by Datt RudderKPM Sundharam

Teachers of Indian Economics feel the need of a text-book that highlights the problems of growing up and reveals a new approach to the study of the Indian Economy. This book attempts to Dispose of the Traditional Approach to This Study and Introduces Research Based on the Economic Development of the Indian Economy.

This is the best advance book on the Indian economy in every aspect from curiosity to any Exam preparation. These books are also used by students to learn economics for UPSC.

Click here to see in more detail:- Indian Economy 67th Edition

Some renowned book from which you can understand the topic in much detail are:-

Best Website to learn economics from.

  1. Investopedia – Educating the world about finance
  2. Search – Find it now!
  3. Economics Help
  4. Basic Economics
  5. Economics Study Guides – SparkNotes

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