ML Aggarwal book review and Solution.

M L Aggarwal is the key to success for every student of ICSE in board exam and school examination. It has a big range of books from class 6th to class 12th, and almost every ICSE school use this book as their textbook for the student. The syllabus and course structure of this book are designed according to the required ICSE guidelines for examination and perfect for every school student.

Note:- This book is not meant for Competitive examination.

Content in this new edition of ML Aggarwal can be easily understood by a student as the solved example question is explained in detail with a real-life situation. Maths is a practical subject, one can only learn by practising, and ML Aggarwal brings all the solution needed for a student in his book. Each and every concept is very nicely explained with beautiful real-life example. This helps a student to grow not only theoretically but also practically.

Some points that make ML Aggarwal different from other books.

  • Content and question in this book are divided very beautifully so that a student struggling in Maths can first solve some easy question and a student expert in Maths can directly solve the harder question.
  • The real-Life problem makes it easy for a student to grasp the difficult concepts easily. This can also enhance the visualisation skill of a student.
  • To keep a student interested in the subject, ML Aggarwal has different types of questions ranging from Fill in the blanks, True/False, Multiple choice question. Thes types of question help student in their holistic development.
  • The main focus of the author is to enhance the analytic skills of a student by framing some deep thinking question that will open every nerve of your brain.
  • Each chapter is followed by a summary and quick tips which help a student in their exam times where they want a quick revision of the whole syllabus.
  • Unit test and Check your progress works as a model test paper for the student to analyse their progress of every chapter.

All ML Aggarwal Books with solution template.

ML Aggarwal class 12th book

This book is published by Arya Publications; 10th edition (2020) in English language and has 1354 pages. Click here to see the book:- Here

In this book author has presented the theory and example in a very beautiful and coherent manner.
However, the students are advised not to read this book like a storybook – they should sit with a pencil and notepad, and whenever during theory or examples, we say, please do it !, it is necessary that the students do those steps. The entire matter is given in a logical sequence so as to develop and strengthen the concepts. Ultimately conceptual clarity is what is needed for success in any examination- be it CBSE to IIT JEE or any other competitive examination.

Solution of ML aggarwal Class 12th.

ML Aggarwal Class 11th Book and Solution

To know about this book click here.

Solution Book

To read more about this book click here:

ML Aggarwal Class 10th Book

ML aggarwal class 10

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