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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is something where you did not find the customer in fact customer finds you. Here Customer Come to your site, explore your site, learn something from your platform and then make buying decisions. For Example Byju’s do a wonderful job in Inbound Marketing by making free learning videos for the student on various platform like YouTube, Facebook and other social media from where students can gain access for the product and eventually gain confidence over Byju. Then Byju offer it’s guided learning program to students. Now the student has used its product already so they gain confidence over Byju, Byju never go to the student first, this is the magic of Inbound Marketing.

In Short:- Now days People does not like to be sold, but they like to be educated.

There are several Fundamentals which every organisation has to follow in order to do inbound effectively.

Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing.

These Fundamentals are:-

1) Inbound Principal

2) Company Purpose

3) Business Goal

4) Buyer Persona

5) Buyer’s journey

Inbound Principal

World works on Principals as is in Inbound Marketing. In an organisation from Accounts department to the HR department to the Marketing to the Operational Department there always should be a consistency of thoughts, emotions, vision, mission, values, pricing and everything.

If a random person asks any employee about the company then each and every individual of the company has to reply the same answer about the company  that should be inclined to the company vision and mission. This helps every company to grow exponentially.

Importance of Flywheel Model in Inbound Marketing.

In Inbound Marketing it is very very necessary that customer makes repeat purchases. The company which become successful in making a perfect Fly Wheel Model become successful in future, as happy customer will bring more customer with them.

Fly Wheel Model

Source:- hubspot.com

There are three stages in a Fly Wheel Model.

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Acquire
  • Back to Step 1

Fly Wheel Works something like Funnel model where at the top of the funnel, there are many people who knows about the company but all of them not buy, in the middle there comes the people which engage with the company but again all of them do not make a purchase then comes the final buyer stage that make decision to take the product or service from the company.

Now here the important step among all is the final buyer stage of the product where a customer should be happy and must enjoy your service because these things encourage cutomer to promote your product to other people. This helps the company to put more people in the funnel. If the cutomer is not satisfied then they will might do negative publicity inbetween out potential customer

Brands should spend money both on sale,marketing and on customer satisfaction,service.

Here Amazon works in the most wonderful way. Amazon Sole objective and vision is around Customer centricity, so Amazon always try to build a service and product that delight the customer and  make a promoter out from every customer.

Some of the Amazon after sale services are.

Make personal assistance an easy option that is available 24X7.

These kind of after sale services cultivate a happy customer that will promote your brand to others and drive more sale.

Modern way Of Inbound Marketing by combining Flywheel with Funnel Model.

In Inbound Marketing we combine our funnel model with the Flywheel Model, we make charts of the customer action at different steps of sales, and then analyse the strength and weakness of our business sales team and product . If there is a massive gap between two steps then that steps require the training to fill the gap. All the steps get combined with a funnel and a Flywheel which produce a happy customer at the end, which helps the business to pour more people in the funnel.


Source:- BIAS Digital

2) Company Purpose in Inbound Marketing

What is a company purpose, well it is the objective of a company or the vision of the company. No company will ever succeed without having a purpose to accomplish. Company having  purpose only to gain profits and sell products will never be able to innovate new services and products, whereas company with a definite purpose always comes with new and innovative idea. Implementing companies purpose to every department of the organisation helps to build a strong community of people which are not only working  for the company but to accomplish the goal of the company.

Amazon’s vision statement is “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” This vision statement underscores the organization’s main aim of becoming the best e-commerce company in the world.

Inbound Marketing


Amazon has implemented this mission statement from operational level people to lower management to the higher level management, because of which each and every employee feel that they are helping to change the world.

3) Business Goal in Inbound Marketing

There is a famous quotation, that if you have so many priorities then it means you have no priorities. Same applies to Businesses. In Business having a specific and clearly defined Goal is key to success but now days digital entrepreneur, gets engaged in future goals and find difficulties to achieve their present goals.

For that solution, there is a famous theory of Three Horizon goal strategy, where goals are build on a well-defined format. On horizon three, we plans long- term goals of the organisation, the future innovation, product entry etc etc. In middle Horizon we plan the strategy that helps to fulfil both short-term and long term goals and help t figure a path in between them. In the first horizon we plan short term goals that fulfil the present need and requirements of the company that helps to sustain the company.

4)Buyers Persona

Buyer Persona is the ideal customer for the organisation, that is well suited for the product of the company. You can name the ideal customer with some name like mike Johnson wants to buy this product etc .

Every Company and every product have different sets of personas, and it should be clearly defined because a wrong person for your service may make him/her dissatisfied and a dissatisfied customer might prevent your potential customer to buy your product.

Buyer Persona

Heart of Inbound Marketing

To make your Buyer Personas you need to write down the jobs of your product according to job theory then list  down why, when and how the product have been used by your potential customer.

To make a perfect Buyer Persona, only marketing team is not responsible, in fact all the customer facing department are responsible for making buyer persona. For example, if sales team need helps to counter a customer regarding  some problem or customer service team finds a problem that has to be dealt with some problem then buyer persons are useful to solve exact problem.

5)Buyers Journey in Inbound Marketing

Every buyer has a journey to cover to buy a product, in any business product a person go through three phases.

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Delight

In the Awareness stage customer are not much aware of its problem, and how to solve it , so a business organisation, built some helpful content o build trust and increase the credibility by the customer.

Engagement stage organisation engage with the customer and try to find out the perfect solution for the product.

In the last, in delight stage, organisation presents its products, services and offers to the customer for the final purchase.

To study the buyers Journey read the blog on BluePrint of Marketing. :- https://myknowledgeclub.com/blueprint-for-marketing-every-marketer-should-know/

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